Trending: Twitter in Higher Ed

I had the opportunity to engage in the exciting task of making a video for my final assignment. I chose the broad topic question; ‘what role(s) does digital media have in facilitating student learning and engagement’? Using this question as a base, I decided to focus my video specifically on using the most popular social media…Read more Trending: Twitter in Higher Ed



The unit I have just undertaken has been like no other class I’ve been a part of before, and that’s saying a lot as an arts/journo/writing student… When I say it’s like nothing else, I won’t include my minimal Twitter involvement for my online journalism class in undergrad, because while the teacher encouraged us to…Read more Reflection

Sneak Peak

It is week 4 in my online blogging and communications class at uni and the topic this week is "constructing online identities". As I have chosen this particular topic for an upcoming assignment, I have received the privilege to be one of the first to present. yay. I say present and I bet you're probably…Read more Sneak Peak

Paris in Summer

Paris in summer is like looking into a watercolour painting set in the 1920’s of a crowd of people in elegant outfits doing various things to take full advantage of a cloudless, angelic day. There are couples holding hands walking along the riverbank, families picnicking on the green grass next to serene, swan-filled ponds. There…Read more Paris in Summer